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Ik tweet, tjilpen in 140 tekens meer niet.
Alle vogeltjes met Dyscalculie in ‘t wit en in ‘t zwart
tjilpen plotseling niet meer zo hard.

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The piano has been drinkin’…

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… and more old school pics and stories @ The Selvedge Yard.
An excellent blog by Jon Patrick!


The Selvedge Yard is about all the things that interest me– a menswear product, presentation & branding guy with a passion for people, places things & ideas of enduring heritage, quality, authenticity & character. But I’m not all old school all the time– I appreciate innovation & technology in all things. Today’s innovators give us tomorrow’s timeless classics. [JP]

The Junior X Radio Syndicate

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Junior X.’s popular radio show broadcasts on a number of community radio stations. Hear extended interviews with well-known and obscure musicians as well as other people of interest to Junior, including scientists, writers, artists and more. The atmosphere is relaxed, so come on in, have a seat on the couch, and join Junior and his guest.


Original Members of Mink DeVille
Recall Their Years With The Group

This is Part One of a two part podcast in which the original members of the group Mink DeVille, in a conference call, reminisce about their years with the group, led by singer Willy DeVille. It traces the group’s beginnings in San Francisco, their cross country trip to New York City to become a part of the burgeoning CBGB’s scene, their signing to Capitol records which resulted in a hit record in Europe, and the eventual descent and dissolution of the group via a month of chaotic Hollywood recording sessions under the helm of “Lonely Surfer” Jack Nitzsche.

Gitaar Jimi Hendrix geveild

Geplaatst op 4 September 2008 door Giel

Hendrix guitar

LONDEN - De eerste gitaar die rocklegende Jimi Hendrix op het podium in brand stak, heeft donderdag 4 september 2008 bijna 350.000 euro opgebracht op een veiling in Londen. Hendrix zette de Fender Stratocaster in lichterlaaie tijdens een optreden in 1967 in het Londense Astoria, berichtte de BBC. De rocker moest daarna naar het ziekenhuis om zich te laten te behandelen voor enkele brandwonden op zijn handen. De gitaar werd na het optreden naar het kantoor van Hendrix’ assistent Tony Garland gebracht. Tot vorig jaar lag het instrument in de garage van Garlands ouders, vanwaar een van zijn neven hem opdook. Hendrix stierf in 1970 op 27-jarige leeftijd.

- Jimi Hendrix -